Hey It's Your Birthday

About Us

Hey It’s Your Birthday, LLC Is About Just One Major Thing.

We Believe That The World Could Use A New Enthusiastic And Energetic And Affectionate Birthday Song. 
We Believe That Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey It’s Your Birthday Is Just That Song. 
It Captures With An Enthusiasm And Excitement The Ideas And Traditions That Go Along With Our Birthday Customs And Our Wishes For Our Friends. It’s Got Many Birthday Ideas And Images In It The Song Has Catchy Hooky Lines. We Believe It Has The Potential To Catch On.   Possibly Worldwide?
To Get It Out There We Have Worked It Into A Number Of Products And Media. They Include Videos Delivered In Unusual Video Greeting Cards,  Traditional Musical Greeting Cards,   Figurines That Play Various Sentiments Of The Song And Also As Digital Songs And Videos That Can Be Sent To Your Birthday Someone. 
We’re Hoping To Get Them Out There Into The Retail World And Also Distribute Them Online. The Song Translates Nicely Into Other Languages. We Are Hoping To Have Translations That Will Cover A Substantial Portion Of The World Population. Starting With English And Chinese We Expect To Translate To Spanish Which Is In Progress And To Other World Languages If They Can Fit To The Song Structure. We Want To Get It Out There And Hope That It Will Contribute To Birthday Tradition And Fun And Will Be A Mainstay Of Birthday Tradition For A Long Time.